This is a blog about safety. Yes, you heard me right. Safety.

That may be enough to put you off. But wait! Before you close this page, before you go back to the day job that demands your attention, stop and listen.

This is no ordinary safety blog.

Safety, business and beer

In an old rat-warren pub that smells of musty warmth and years of soaked-in alcohol you might find this guy:

Adrian Lee, enjoying his down time with a pint of real ale. He’s a chartered consultant, businessman, teacher and historian.

He’s an expert in hospitality safety in all of its forms.

The stress felt by a head chef in a high pressure kitchen? He’s experienced it. Training huge teams of employees? He once gave a fire safety training session to a room full of Fire Fighters.

Adrian has a string of acronyms at the end of his name almost as long as your arm, but he’s as down to earth as they come.

Why do you need to know this? Simply put, the culminated knowledge and experience of his full career can provide an answer to all of your niggling (or nagging) questions on health and safety, food safety and fire safety. No matter how serious or strange your safety problem might be, Adrian will have an answer.

How, exactly, can this blog help you?

Adrian Lee leads ADL Associates, a family run team of health and safety consultants, who work with large hotel chains and big brands to promote sensible risk management. Armed with their combined 40 plus years of experience Adrian and his consultants will now, for the first time, share their experience, tips, opinions and stories in this blog.

They will teach you how to keep safety in your workplace simple, sensible and manageable. You will learn how to stop wrapping yourself in red tape and burying yourself in unnecessary paperwork. They will show you how to avoid slowing down your workforce with trivial safety concerns so you can concentrate on the stuff that matters.

Whether your interest is in health and safety, food safety or fire safety; you can expect clear, straight to the point information, with examples, and pictures where possible. You will get guides, tips and checklists, insights that will allow safety to be managed smoothly in your workplace. ADL Associates is giving you useful, downloadable content so you can avoid the most common health and safety mistakes made by businesses. Mistakes which can cost your company thousands and your workforce their livelihoods.

And you may, quite possibly, get safety tips from Vikings.

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