Fire Safety Services

Looking for Fire Safety consultants to help alleviate the weight of managing fire safety in your business?

Effective fire safety management is important to all businesses and needs to be done correctly to ensure that significant risks are minimised. Today fire is still one of the most devastating and dangerous risks in the workplace. Fires need three things to start; sources of ignition, fuel sources and oxygen:

  • Ignition – heaters, lighting, naked flames, electrical equipment
  • Fuel –  wood, paper, loose packaging materials and furniture
  • Oxygen – in the air around us

Fire risk assessments are central to ensuring these three elements are fully controlled and do not present a risk to your workplace.

How our fire safety consultants can help you

Our fully qualified fire safety consultants can provide your company with a fully compliant fire safety management system to minimise the risk of fires in the workplace. We work with clients all over the UK in a range of industries. Regardless of your business size, our fire safety consultants can help you with all areas of fire safety management, such as:

  • Providing all relevant fire safety policies and procedures;
  • Creating and implementing a bespoke fire safety management system for your business;
  • Undertaking audits of your fire safety management system;
  • Reviewing and creating fire risk assessments;
  • Providing  fire safety awareness training  for your employees;
  • Delivering fire marshal training;
  • Supporting your fire evacuations and drills.

The list above shows some of the common elements of support we provide to our clients. If you have a specific query not mentioned above, get in touch to discuss your needs and we can provide support to help you overcome your challenges.

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