Here, in one place, is absolutely everything you need to know about training your First Aiders. Has someone’s First Aid Certificate expired? We’ll tell you what to do.

Here are some of the other common first aid course questions we answer:

  • What qualifications do they need to take?
  • How long is a first aid certificate valid for?
  • How regularly do they need to undertake refresher training?
  • What does the law say and how can we comply?
first aid certificate expired

Basic Facts About A First Aid Certificate

  • To receive a certificate, an individual has to attend and pass an approved first course.
  • Each certificate expires after three years.
  • Renewal period is 90 days before expiry date.
  • If a first aid certificate expired, you have a grace period of 28 days after the expiry date to get the first aider(s) requalified.

Our most common question – What to do when a First Aid Certificate Expired?

First thing’s first, check your First Aiders’ training. If you have an appointed First Aider whose first aid certificate expired recently (or not so recently) then they must requalify immediately. This is a legal requirement. If their first aid certificate expired then by law they are no longer considered competent to provide first aid duties in the workplace. They should also be taking annual refresher training.

If your First Aider’s current certificate is dated:

Within 28 days of expiry date – You have a 28 day grace period to get your First Aiders booked on a requalification course before their first aid certificate expires.

After 28 days of expiry date – Your First Aiders will have to take the full qualification course again. See available courses below.

Looking for First Aid Courses?

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first aid certificate expired?

What The Law Says About First Aid Training

As an employer you have a duty to provide immediate attention to anyone taken ill or injured at work (The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981). This means appointing a suitable amount of First Aiders and providing appropriate first aid training for them.

How many is a “suitable amount”? The law states that you must appoint at least one First Aider, however, we always advise that employers have at least two appointed First Aiders. This is to ensure that you will always have an appointed First Aider on site should one of your First Aiders have to leave the office, e.g. escorting a sick employee to the hospital, or if they are taken ill themselves. It is also worth bearing this in mind when creating rotas, especially for night shifts and booking holidays. You must also appoint another First Aider for every 100 employees.

Refresher training – although not a legal obligation, the HSE recommends that all First Aiders undertake refresher training once a year.

First Aid Qualifications Explained – Qualsafe Awards

Qualsafe are the largest Awarding Organisation to provide First Aid qualifications. They are recognised and regulated by Ofqual, making them the most widely trusted First Aid training provider.

ADL Associates (Warwick) Ltd are a Qualsafe Awards Registered Centre. We are approved to provide Qualsafe First Aid training from anywhere in the UK. That means you can have your First Aid course take place wherever is most convenient, be it on-site or at a venue local to you.

If a serious injury occurred and an employee was catastrophically bleeding out, how would your First Aider react? Would they be confident and calm? If an employee was unconscious, unresponsive and not breathing what would your First Aider do? Are they up to date with procedures for administering CPR and safely using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)?

Our two most popular Qualsafe First Aid Qualifications are listed below. Each of these courses teach the skills necessary to effectively manage first aid in the workplace and there are a number of refresher course to keep your First Aiders well practiced.

Qualsafe Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work Qualification (RQF)

A 1 day course aimed at appointed First Aiders who work in a low risk environment.

Candidates will be assessed on the following:
• CPR and safe use of an AED
• Choking casualty
• Unconscious casualty
• Wounds, bleeding and shock, plus optional extra – catastrophic bleeding

Qualsafe Level 3 First Aid at Work Qualification (RQF)

An intensive 3 day first aid training course aimed at management or supervisor level employees, or those working in high risk work environments. It also includes the content from the one day Emergency First Aid at Work Qualification.

Candidates will be assessed on the following:
• CPR and safe use of an AED
• Choking casualty
• Unconscious casualty
• Wounds, bleeding and shock, plus optional extra – catastrophic bleeding
• Secondary survey
• Management of fractures

What to expect on a first aid course

Along with the theory taught, all of our first aid courses include practical and written activities. The practical assessments are undertaken throughout the course, during which period the candidate will be informally assessed to measure their understanding, knowledge and skills.

At the end of the course there will be a written (multiple choice) question paper. Candidates can be told on the day whether they have passed or failed. Their score and first aid certificate (if they passed) will be posted to them within 2-3 weeks of completing the course.

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first aid certificate expired?