#Ask ADL – Your New Safety ‘Agony Aunt’ Service

We at ADL Associates have set up a new service to provide you with free health and safety advice.

Our consultants are willing to act as your health and safety agony aunt, (without the comfy cardigans, sorry) to bring you trustworthy, sensible safety advice.

It’s called #AskADL.

Be serious

“Agony aunt?” you may say, “This is health and safety, be serious.”

Health and safety is very serious. Getting it wrong can get people killed.

And that’s why sometimes you just need a bit of help. You need to know that the decision you are making is the right one, that you are complying with legislation and that you’re not missing anything. Whether it’s safety advice from an experienced professional, a second opinion or just a bit of direction, we can help.

The #AskADL health and safety advice service is your chance to get all of those chronic safety queries off your chest. We will listen and we will point you in the right direction.

#AskADL provides health and safety advice to any one that asks a question

How, exactly, do you #AskADL?

The first step to getting some free health and safety advice is to get in touch. You can do this by email (info@adlassociates.co.uk) or through any of our social media channels. Remember to add #AskADL in the subject line, so we know you want to use that service.

To contact us now, send us a message using the contact form below:

Send Your #AskADL Question Now

If you want to get in touch via social media, you can contact us on any of the social media links at the bottom of the page. Simply quote #AskADL somewhere in your message and we’ll know you need help. If your query is confidential then please send us a private message.

We aim to answer every question posed to us within 48 hours.

For legal purposes we have to advise you that we can only provide our opinion or advise where to get the right information from. Any action you take upon any #AskADL advice given is strictly your own responsibility.

Why ask ADL? Who are we, anyway?

We are a family run Consultancy that provide health and safety, food safety and fire safety training and consultancy to large hotel groups and big, international businesses. We also work with small businesses to humanise and simplify safety management.

If you’re curious about who will be answering your #AskADL questions and providing you with health and safety advice, then read on to meet our quirky team.

The Consultants

There’s Adrian Lee, our Managing Director. His extensive safety experience ensures answers to complicated questions, complete with examples and witty stories. No matter how serious a situation may appear Adrian has the skillset to find a resolution. As a chartered consultant he provides hands-on safety support. So hands on, in fact, that it’s not uncommon to find him inside the crawl spaces in hotel walls whilst undertaking astonishingly thorough fire risk assessments.

His son, Richard (Rik) Lee, is set to be the future leader of ADL. His career has seen him working for St John’s Ambulance and he’s therefore no stranger to the gory side of safety gone wrong. Rik puts this knowledge to use as a first class trainer and safety consultant. He has inherited Adrian’s attention to detail, charisma and quick wit. And we joke that he looks like a Viking.

Anjii Harris, pub landlord turned health and safety consultant, specialises in food safety and health and safety consultancy. She regularly provides training courses on food hygiene and first aid. Her enthusiastic, approachable personality makes her a sought after tutor.

Legend of logic, Ben Stout, specialises in ISO and OHSAS auditing and provides excellent practical and strategic safety support. He is a master of simplifying complex information, which proves popular with clients.

Bev Campbell and Luke Davies are our associate consultants. They provide high level health and safety consultancy support specialising in health and wellbeing and the education sector respectively.

The Support Team

Lynn Lee manages all things financial. Maggie Hartley provides wonderfully bubbly admin support and helps to direct your health and safety advice questions to our consultants. Becky Stout humanises safety for sales and marketing that speaks to people and Claire Thompson brings a touch of creativity through her digital marketing support.

Our well-oiled team combine to bring you the best in health and safety advice and support, whatever your industry or needs. Remember, you can contact us through the website too.

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